Monday, 15 June 2015


Pablo Picasso - Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

Art is instant elegance.

Not as in fashion, as art is also a sort of nakedness.

Art is meant for the ethereal body, to cover the skin of the soul, if any.

But in both cases, elegance has to do with character.

Character is always a discovery.

Makes you feel like an explorer,  sailing to a remote island, stepping into the wet, white sand and conquering a whole new world.

Art is also the ultimate luxury.

Art can transform an ordinary corner into a place of splendour, instantly.

What I am trying to do here, maybe very clumsily, is to make a case for why people should invest on art, and more specifically, contact us, Ver Art Gallery.

Recently, and miraculously, I consolidated a small sale.

It felt as if I had sold Van Gogh Sunflowers, or a more recent example Picasso’s Nude, Green leaves and Bust, sold for $106.5 million dollars.

I say it is almost a miracle, because while trying to sell this particular work of art, I kept asking: “Are you sure?  Do you really want this piece?”, “It is expensive you know ..”

And when customers were about to pay, I insisted on sabotaging the sale: “Are you sure you still want this piece?”

Our customers bought the piece and left immensely happy.

And so they should be.

The have just bought style.

A naked truth.


Rare and distinctive.
I am sure their home will be up a level.

This is why people, cities, the world need a moment of stillness, a fleeting instant captured in mid-flight:

Art is stylishness.

Art is instant elegance.

Like shoes.


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