Thursday, 3 November 2016


Souffle d'hiver -Private Collection
When you grow up close to the ocean, the light remains in your eyes.


It is there, somewhere between your eyelids and your childhood memories.

A fluid layer filled with waves and colours, as Carlos Otero’s canvas.

 A conversation, in the gardens of university, in our home town Caracas, more than thirty years ago, has proven to be somehow prophetic.
UCAB - Caracas

Then and there, on a bench under a mango tree, after a “Reinforced Concrete” class, good definition of torture, Carlos and I had a dream.

He dreamt to be an artist.

I dreamt to start an art gallery.

We wove many projects under those trees.

I remember the sighs, and the laughter.

Life went by and Carlos became an artist.

I became a civil engineer.

The sea is so far away from both of us now, Montreal, Calgary, it almost hurts.

Carlos managed to keep the sea shine of his beloved, Cumana,  in his eyes, and keeps translating it in his works.

Today, the wonders of communication reconnected us.

And the magic of friendship too.

Thirty years later.

The dreams are intact.

The laughter persists.

Carlos sent me his lifetime works, and the lights and shadows that once enfolded us under the mango tree, were suddenly there again, in his magnificent works.

Whether they are tropical fruits, birds of paradise, cubist sensual portraits, or his newest abstract creations, transparencies and vibrant colours always there.
Bird of Paradise

His honest tone, an artist at peace with himself and his surroundings, is delivered in a diaphanous way in his fresh style, medium or large format canvas.

It doesn’t matter how many years have passed.

It doesn’t matter how many feet of snow we have seen fall.

Carlos’s vision came true, and today we welcome him in VER Art Gallery: my dream still in the makings.

The relentless spark never extinguishes.

The essential light is always there.

Carlos Otero

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1960.Lives in Montreal, Canada.
His work reveals an ongoing fascination with the colorful energy flow of abstraction.
His work has an amazing impact, touching emotions and at the same time, assimilating the vibrancy of the image.

Graphic Designer degree Fundación Instituto de Diseño (Newman), Caracas, Venezuela. 
Holistic Therapist.

1988  - Cum laudæ for the quality of his work and his academic achievements.

PS: Carlos Otero paints to order. Contact us at VER ART GALLERY