Sunday, 18 October 2015


Avila Estrellado  - 36 x 45 cm - Art print Hahnemuhle

It has always struck me the conciseness and efficiency of the English language.
In Spanish FUN is “Divertido”, in French: “Amusant” and in German must be something like “Subentrujenbajenwienerstrudel”.
Yet, FUN, is an overused and sometimes tired word. You can hear it hundreds of time everywhere, and then at some point it loses its power.
But then again, when you mix the word FUN, with the word ART, then you have an explosion.
Today I want to talk to you about an explosion:
I have been following him secretly, as any sensible human being that believes the best part of the newspapers are the cartoons.
I  bought a picture by him back in 2003, in Caracas, in a beautiful exhibition called “Caricaturista  en Africa” (Cartoonist in Africa), just captivated by his masterful use of color, lines and sense of humour.
Roberto Weil has been, for all these years, an invisible, quiet presence, here, in my home in Canada.
Suddenly, by even more fortunate series of events and happy connections, Roberto Weil is now filling the walls of VER Art Gallery’s web page with his brilliant interpretation and expression of our idiosyncrasy,  our city Caracas, our magic mountain “ The Avila” and those everyday moments captured in flight.

Avila Panoramico Amarillo - 74 x 22 cm - Art print Hahnemuhle
Roberto Weil is an artist, part of the imagery of every Venezuelan of my generation.
His style is unmistakable.
His mordacity eloquent.
His touch masterful.

Avila Protesta - 37x 50 cm - Art print Hahnemuhle
VER Art Gallery is very honoured to have ROBERTO WEIL as part of our virtual collection.
La Pastora - 50 x 40 cm - Art print Hahnemuhle
What a luxury!
Fun and art having a love affair.
We ship ROBERTO WEIL’s amusement for life, within Canada and worldwide.
No doubt:
“Creativity is intelligence having FUN”
The Good Bull Fighter - 63 x 84 cm - Art print Hahnemuhle