Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I stood in front of his greys and felt the solitude of life.

And death.

I felt deeply, more than ever, the exquisite sense of serenity and stillness he wanted to transmit in the ordinary objects that he painted.

When an artist dies, a little sun extinguishes.


It will shine even brighter, later.

To eternity.

Felix Perdomo (1958 – 2015), one of the most respected and recognized Venezuelan artists, and proudly part of VER Art Gallery collection, passed away in Caracas, in June 2015.

Now, when I look at his picture, hanging on our gallery’s wall, I can see a lot more than his effervescent textures, or his humble and peaceful atmospheres.

I can see tiny little stars and cosmic powder.

Rest in peace.

Felix Perdomo (1958 - 2015)

Suddenly I have started to realize that an art gallery is serious stuff.

It is not just a space where you hang pictures on the walls and exchange them for money.

It is a lot more than that.

It is a place full of timeless, borderless, colossal, yet sublime energy.

I experienced recently, another flash of this very physical sensation, when we received two new canvases, from artist Jimmy Day.

When I opened the tube containing the paintings and extended the canvases on my table, a whole universe of home reminiscences, breezes, light, even smells, unrolled in front of me.

Jimmy Day’s “Banana Groves” series are just so full of nerves, veins, colours and light, that they conquered the northern latitudes, with another kind of summer.
Jimmy Day - Banana Grove #5 available @

We are currently in the process of stretching and framing them and allow them to find their right place in the gallery, until they find another loving home.

In the meantime, I feel a sense of euphoria.
Definitely, VER art gallery, more than walls and objects:
A rare combination of cosmic powder with drops of sunshine.

Jimmy Day - DROPS OF SUNSHINE available @

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