Monday, 4 May 2015


When things are done with love and honesty, at least they have a small chance to succeed.

When you have the best team, then your chances increase exponentially.

I am lucky to say Ver Art Gallery has the best team.

And this is my definition of best team:

The best talent of each person, in the right place, at the right time, with a different motivation than money.

As I have said before, this project, against all scientific theories, has started as “spontaneous generation”.

An exuberant idea, (an art gallery?!?), that would have died at birth if it was not ignited and re-ignited by the talented people around our “lonely wolves” lives.

I want to thank my dream (and also drink) team, for bringing to life an idea and materializing a vision.

Leo Perez, graphic designer, visual communications, quality control, curator. Everything she touches gets better instantly.  Plus she is my extremely talented daughter.

Maria Eugenia Otero, art agent in Caracas, Venezuela. She finds art that talks to me, to us, to all of you.

Alba Gamboa, my big eye, beautiful software engineer and web developer. Always offers not one, but multiple solutions to any problem. Her mom, Janet,  has also been great support, and she makes the best "tortilla de papas" ever.

Santiago Perez, business developer: Somebody needs to remind me that love of art is not enough.  Santiago happens to be my handsome son as well.

Carlos Vera, brilliant economist: Somebody, also needs to remind me that a real business has books to be kept, taxes to be declared, permits to be filed, GST stuff, all the boring things. He will marry my daughter soon.

And finally, my husband: He is my official translator from English to English (He is English, my portable Shakespeare). He reviews everything I write, so blame him if this is not impeccable English (remember my first language is Spanglish). He is also mastering the art of stretching and framing. It is a wonderful retirement hobby. He happens to be the love of my life.

I forgot Sancho, our four legged best and loyal friend. He is our spoiled rotten English Springer Spaniel.

And in general, there are so many people that have supported us expecting nothing in return, that we have no other choice but to keep this dream going.

Thanks to all!

It is just magic.

No more words, here is the team.


From left to right: Alba, Leonor, Leo and Sancho
From left to right: Santiago. Meen / Sancho, and Carlos.



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