Thursday, 16 April 2015


I am suddenly terrified.

This is the first obstacle I am experiencing in this whole gallery process.


We have come this far, (in plural, as we are a team, in next post I will elaborate on this),  following a vision, candidly yet honestly; consistently yet  calmly;  realistically yet magically; enjoying the process, the road, without thinking very much about the destination.

We have all worked hard in this vision, yet it has really felt as a spiritual experience.

Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet, says, “vision is the tact of the spirit”. 

Our vision can really be seeing and touched now, and here is me:


Suddenly details as expenses, cost analysis, regulatory, concepts so familiar to me, which made my day to day in the last 25 years as an engineer, become fears in my ethereal vision of this new  art cosmos we have embarked.

I have just realized this is real.

And real life comes with all the technical details of an economic activity.  At the end we are a gallery, and we expect our pictures and sculptures find an owner.

Questions haunt me. Will permits be approved? Will people like what we are offering?  Will people come to us, at all?


Well, at the end they say, the most dangerous thing about fear is not to have it.

My family team encourage me every day; they are the wind under my sails, the spirit of VER.

No doubt, obstacles in life, are life.
Key of Dreams  - Magritte (1898-1967) - I chose this picture  because it invites us to see (VER) things differently.

Chapter 7: The Team

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